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The watch has arrived. It is in amazing condition. Thanks. As I've said before, please let me know if you can help me out in getting a pre-A box and straps.

CA, USA 29-Dec-05

Dream-Watch.com I got my watch yesterday finally, it looks wonderful,

Carlos Genie
FL, USA 3-Dec-05

I'm back in Singapore and got my PAM 187. Whow.. very impressive watch :-)

Singapore 3-Dec-05

I received the watch today. Everything looks great! Amazing! Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Japan 16-Nov-05

Again you delivered the watch in a condition better than mentioned on your Dream-Watch website.
After 3 watches in 2 years , you have yet to disappoint me .

Singapore 15-Nov-05

Just wanted to let you know I received the watch this morning and it's a beauty! Thanks a lot and hope to do business with you again. I really love the BP!

Best regards,
Sweden 8-Nov-05

Got the watch...it is beautiful, even better than what I thought. Thank you so much, I will certainly continue to do business with you because you are a very reliable, cool (and patient) person. You can use me as a reference (I know you probably don't need it).

Thanks again
Benjamin Chouchane
NY, USA 3-Nov-05

Just received the watch today, thanks for the great packaging. Will deal with you again in the future. Cheers.

Best regards,
Australia 25-Oct-05

The watch arrived in perfect condition, thanks so much for your service.

USA 19-Oct-05

received the pam98 thanks.

Ugo Tombolini
USA 17-Oct-05

watch arrived perfect as always. picked it up yesterday in san diego.
thanks again for a smooth deal

CA, USA 15-Oct-05

Home sooner than expected. I received the 10A and am totally delighted.

It has been a pleasure and please feel free touse my name as a reference. I am sure I will be back again..

NC, USA 8-Oct-05

Got the watch, love it!! Thanks.

MA, USA 29-Sep-05

this morning I've recieve the wath who Ibought to you. I like it very much!
It's all ok, thank you very very much! Greetings from Italy,

Daniele Ramello
Italy 20-Sep-05

Watch received and everything A-OK! I will keep an eye on you new additions and gladly recommend you to anybody!

Kindest regards and thanks for help and prompt replies. Your Customer service is second to none!

Ashil Vaghela
UK 16-Sep-05

Watch is in my hands. Thanks Dream-Watch.com!

CA, USA 7-Sep-05

Thanks again for another perfect deal, awesome watches at incredible prices.
I hope we can do business again in the near future.

Rodolfo Coppel
CA, USA 31-Aug-05

Just recieved the watch, thank you very much, watch is beautiful, thank you again.

CA, USA 30-Aug-05

Forgot to tell you, I have received the watch, it's great!!

Taiwan 25-Aug-05

The watch arrived as scheduled/promised. This was the largest and most pleasant purchase that I've ever made from a company like yours. I'm truly impressed and please feel free to use me as a reference. Keep up the great work!!

C Chan
CA, USA 19-Aug-05

I received the Panerai PAM 60 and it looks great. Thanks very much and I'm sure I'll be purchasing another watch from you sometime soon.

Geoffrey Hess
NY, USA 15-Aug-05

I have received the watch, the condition is great, thanks a lot.

Taiwan 14-Aug-05

Today is my first time buying second hand watches, frankly, I had worries before meeting with u, if I'll be cheated......hasn't been disappointed as a first timer!! unless the pieces are......!!!!
You seemed to be a pleasant/trustwothy guy, it was nice of you to share yr experience in watches, a lot to be learnt. Quite sure I'see u more often, just take care of my wallet!! lol. Infact they've shrink a lot since my interest in Panerai.. So about the GMT pam 29, any better offer to make me fall into the dream-watch trap!!!!

I'll contact yr friend next week for the cases.
HK 13-Aug-05

The Raymond Weil watch is excellent. I can't take my eyes and hands off it. The shape and the aesthetcs are wonderful. Thanks a lot. I shall wear it to work for personal enjoyment and good luck.

Thanks again and let us keep in touch.
HK 10-Aug-05

The watch arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you so much for your help, I am sure this will not be the last piece I purchase from you (I hope to get an AP ROOs one day....)

Matthew Sheedy
Australia 5-Aug-05

I received the Panerai PAM 108 watch today. It looks great and many thanks.

Geoffrey Hess
NY, USA 4-Aug-05

the watch is in my hands, I am VERY VERY HAPPY, it was a pleasure to do business with you, you are a very good business man, and it will not be the last time o do business with you,

best regards and good business,
nico anthonie
The Netherlands 1-Aug-05

I have received the watch, the condition is great, thanks a lot!!

Taiwan 29-Jul-05

Got the watch today - beautiful piece - many thanks.. perfect condition.. just as described.

Kindest Regards.
Australia 29-Jul-05

a few minutes ago the watch arrived. Everything went well (also customs, 110 USD) and I am fully happy with the watch. A very nice IWC.

Thanks again and best regards
Switzerland 22-Jul-05

I GOT THE WATCHS!, so so fast so fast, thank you thank you, I go open the boxes now

CA, USA 22-Jul-05

I have received the watch and straps which like I expected. Thank you very much.
If you have a chance to find a another good condition 5218-201 Please let me know.
Thanks again.

Best regard
Taiwan 14-Jul-05

The watches have arrived and are totally O.K.

The fiddy was even better as expected !

Belgium 9-Jul-05

I have just received the watch and thanks so much for the prompt delivery. Also I want to thank you for a smooth and fast transaction and the watch is in great condition (thou the straps are rather worn out). It's been a great pleasure doing business with you and of cos I will look forward for more future dealing with you.

Thumbs up Dream-Watch.com!!!!

Wendy Loh
Singapore 6-Jul-05

My watch is on my wrist. I'm very pleased. It is as beautiful as hoped. And the weight of the Ti case is definitely better for me. I am extremely happy. Good transaction. I think we will be doing more in the future. Since all the Panerais that I have purchased do not have the extra movement sticker, I have yet to be able to get a baseball
hat. Can you get me a real Panerai hat? Everything on ebay is fake. Let me know, and thanks again for the smooth transaction.

Florida, USA 6-Jul-05

PERFECT!, please feel free to use me as a reference.

Steven Yee
NY, USA 2-Jul-05

thank you so much on the new ap montoya watch, so so nice,i love it!

CA, USA 25-Jun-05

Item received. Many thanks! Excellent condition watch indeed!!!

Kia Heng
Singapore 21-Jun-05

Received the watch this a.m. Looks great! Thanks for the great trx as always.

CA, USA 15-Jun-05

I received the Pam1B today. Great watch! Love it!
Look forward to seeing some of your others.

Thanks and best regards,
Singapore 14-Jun-05

The watch arrived today, looks excellent. Thanks for getting it shipped so quickly.

NY, USA 9-Jun-05

I just reveived the 008 and it is on the wrist right now.

WOW.......... I love this watch

The condition is great...

CA, USA 1-Jun-05

I would like to let you know that the watch has arrived this morning in a perfect condition! Everything were as told. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and you will deffinately hear from me again. Thank you.

UK 1-Jun-05

I received the watch yesterday, it is beautiful. I am off to get it sized properly today.

Thank you for the prompt shipping and thank you for packing it so well as to not get damaged.

I have my eyes on the website a lot looking for the perfect next purchase.

Speak to you soon

Dan L Forigo
Canada 1-Jun-05

Just wanted to let you know I finally got the fiddy-delivery! It's such a beauty - even in better condition than I expected! Many thanks for a smooth deal Dream-Watch.com! I'm sure we will do business again. Talk to you later!

Sweden 31-May-05

Just opened the box! Wow what a watch! I love it. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I would definitely buy from you again and recommend you to all my friends. A perfect transaction!

NY, USA 16-May-05

I received the watch. Thank you.
Look for a review on the forums or your website shortly.

Best regards
CA, USA 22-May-05

I received the PAM187s this noon, thanks alot.

Taiwan 6-May-05

i have got your pam187 watch now ... it is great .. everything is perfect like my expecting ....thanks for your offer ...

Taiwan 5-May-05

Dream-Watch.com, I got the watch, and I love it. It came as descriped. I will definetly do business with you again.

You can use me as a refrence to any of your new customers.

Let me know about any new AP you get.

Thanks a lot.
Jav Azadi
FL, USA 3-May-05

Watch came as usual in great condition than picture posted.
Second watch so second experience with great service and hesitation isn't an option when buying from Dream-Watch.com.

Singapore 28-Apr-05

Got the watches

Thank you
Yevgeny Ivanov
NJ, USA 23-Apr-05

The watch is excellent! Better than expected, even.
Thanks for your quick service and excellent product.

Kent George
CA, USA 22-Apr-05

Arrived safely yesterday. All OK (but box a bit scuffed at rear)

UK 20-Apr-05

I just received the PAM 63. It is just as you described it, no surprises. Thank you for the fast service.

Bill Bull
VA, USA 18-Apr-05

The AP Arnold arrived safe and sound. The watch is in great shape. The box is a bit messed up, but, that is OK as you fairly represented the condition.

Thanks you!
VA, USA 14-Apr-05

I got the watch yesterday its amazing very good condition, I am really happy and I am sure you will be hearing from me again.

Zaydman Daniel
UK 14-Apr-05

The Montoya arrived and is in perfect condition. Thanks you!!

VA, USA 8-Apr-05

The Montoya arrived today in perfect condition. It's even nicer in person than in the pictures.
I'm sure we will be doing more business in the near future.

Thank you very much.
Barry Borin
CA, USA 2-Apr-05

I just received the watch. Thank you.
It was a pleasure doing business with you.

NY, USA 1-Apr-05

Got the watches. Perfect. Did you have another all steel AP ROO?

Best regards
Denmark 29-Mar-05

The IWC 5002 arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you very much.

Have a nice weekend.
CA, USA 12-Mar-05

I received the watch yeterday and the condition is as decribed, thanks alot!!

Taiwan 2-Mar-05

Just thought I'd drop you a line to say the watch arived safe and sound on Thursday last week.Very happy with the purchase, and with the smooth and troublefree transaction process. I will be keeping an eye on your website in the future for sure....

Australia 28-Feb-05

Today we received your watch, and everything is OK Thanks.

Japan 21-Feb-05

Watch arrived this morning, thanks for the quick shipment.

NH, USA 4-Feb-05

Received the watch this morning. It is terrific. Thanks.

Germany 21-Jan-05

Today we received your watches. I hope this is the beginning our good business relationship.

Japan 14-Jan-05

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